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Back in Order

I carefully warm up my horse, paying attention to where he feels stiff. Until he’s completely warmed up physically and mentally, he’s not likely to give me his best work. Since he’s 20 now, I have to respect the fact that his body has its limits.
My body has limits, too, but I sometimes cut corners, trying to save time and money. About once a quarter a I need a tune-up from my favorite chiropractor/muscle worker. Putting it off isn’t a smart move.
Last Thursday I tried riding with a back that felt like a rusty chain. It tweaked in the rising trot and squawked during sitting trot and canter. A couple of the links in the chain had rusted shut. I got off my horse, gave him a sugar cube, and called the chiropractor.
The result? After my tune-up, today’s ride was 300% better! On top of that, I wasn’t in pain! That’s always a bonus.
Note to self: take the time to work on your own body — it’s just as important a part of the ride as is taking care of the horse.
I suspect that some of last week’s struggles were related to a tilted pelvis and a few locked-up vertebrae. I was working against myself.
Today’s ride was so rewarding, my biggest struggle was in not shouting out to everyone in the barn how good my boy was. Micah’s probably just as grateful as I am that my back is more supple and fluid.
Let’s remember to take care of ourselves, acknowledging that it’s time and money well spent.