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Chick Flick

Last night I sent my husband out to drink beer with the boys. I was feeling run down and just needed a little time to myself.

As I heard the car pull out of the garage, I turned to a guilty pleasure. Something I wanted to do alone. Uninterrupted. Free to laugh or cry as I pleased. World Cup Dressage 2015, courtesy of my laptop.


I’d heard the stories, seen the clips, but this was my time to get up as up close and personal as one can get with youtube. Squeals of joy. Tears of wonder.  Add a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn and I was in heaven.

While the performances were grand, what moved me most were the horses.

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Barn Babes in Vegas

The barn is nearly empty this week, as most of the barn babes took off for Vegas to (supposedly) watch World Cup Dressage and (as documented on Facebook) drink cocktails in hotel bars.


I am sooooo jealous! But at the same time, having the arena all to myself is almost as good as a chilled Lemon Drop, a drink I appropriately first sampled in Vegas, many moons ago.

Wanting to practice my dressage tests for next month’s schooling show, I had no one to enlist but Al, my engineer husband. Al knows nothing about dressage but is a quick study. No matter what, I knew it would be entertaining.

I showed Al the USEF test booklet, gave him a quick explanation of dressage movements, made a drawing of a dressage arena (markers and all) and gave him a beer … a crucial element in marital negotiation.

Next up, using a small ceramic horse in the fictional arena, we went through the test. I wanted Al to have an idea of a) where the letters are and b) how much preparation a rider needs in order to go from one movement to the next.  I’m not certain Al can tell one gait from the next, which can only make things more interesting.


Call this prep work for the next day’s outing to the barn, where I asked Al  to read my tests. What a guy! As a stereotypical analytical, I expected Al to have lots of fascinating questions, and he didn’t disappoint.

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