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Shedding Our Way Through the Superbowl

Skip the snacks and get on with the shedding! So seemed to be the motto for this year’s Superbowl Sunday.
We’re having a false spring here in Central Oregon, with temps soaring into the 50’s and low 60’s. What’s a horse to do? Shed, apparently.
I dressed for the barn knowing I’d be covered in horse hair within minutes of arriving at the barn. Accordingly, I put on an outfit I didn’t much care for and spent less than the usual amount of time on personal grooming. Why bother?
Out in the pasture, the ponies were NAKED for the first time in months. They looked happy and carefree, grazing in the sun without their blankets.
Clearly, the opportunity to romp in the mud had been taken advantage of, especially by the grey horses. In particular, Orisis did a super job of camouflaging her beautiful, upper-level physique. She thoroughly disguised herself with a chic new look that will take her mother days to undo.
Micah, of course, took full advantage of the opportunity to grind mud deeply into his coat, making grooming a multi-sensory task involving both grit and hair. Just check out how great his coat looks!
We celebrated the first day of faux spring with two satisfying rounds with the shedding blade — both prior to and following our morning ride. I left Micah looking several pounds lighter, knowing I’ll be spending just as much (fun) time again tomorrow.
The good news is that if this weather holds, we’ll fit in a bath — for both horse and rider.
As for the Superbowl, I didn’t mind missing it. The Clydesdales just weren’t out in full force this year.