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An Unexpected Award

Earlier this year I started this blog, ‘Dressage for Mere Mortals,’ in my usual, trial-by-fire method of learning. After months of reading about blogging, the only way for me to really gain ground was to jump in with both boots.

I am still very much a beginner, as humble of a blogger as I am a rider. Which is why it was especially surprising when I received a message from horseclicks.com that they’d awarded my blog a Top 50 Horse Blogs Award. How did they find me? What was their criteria? I’m pondering those questions with a smile on my face. It’s lovely to be noticed.


Blogging has been a fascinating experience for several reasons:

1.  Setting up the initial format took a little work. Fortunately, I had  two experienced bloggers to help. Technical I am not.

2.  I love writing short format and having a weekly deadline is good discipline.

3.  Connecting with readers and other bloggers is fun. They share their stories and lives and I share mine. There’s a sense of community.

4.   I can never quite predict which blog posts will get the best response.  My two snarkiest posts (‘My Stupid Legs’ and ‘Dressage Show Rant’) generated the most comments thus far, which was entertaining.

5. There are technical aspects I’m still learning about: increasing readership, tags, categories, etc. Still trying to figure out Twitter.

As always, thank you to those of you who read my blog, take the time to comment, and share bits of your life with me. It’s so rewarding to receive your input and support.