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Page-Turning Dressage

The other night I finished the novel I’d been reading and was left with nothing but the 2015 Dressage Tests, which were conveniently by my bedside. Second Level, Test 1 is a fascinating read if you’ve never ridden the test and expect to ride it in the near future. There were surprises, thrills, and chills.

Caught in the act.  Dressage nerd deluxe. Skittles is bored. Photo by Al Gilmour, somewhat tolerant horse husband.

Caught in the act. Dressage nerd deluxe. Skittles is bored. Photo by Al Gilmour, somewhat tolerant horse husband.

Surprise! I hadn’t realized we’re supposed to ride a right shoulder in up the long side, turn across the middle, then continue in left shoulder in. Was there a trick involved? Some fancy preparation? No, it’s pretty straightforward. Thank goodness!
Thrills! As I read, I realized I needed some clarification about the canter serpentine. It’s a really neat move but at Second Level you’re supposed to come down to the walk for the lead changes. Getting those walk steps in the down transition is tricky! The up transition is tough, too — Micah tries to sneak in a few trot steps. This needs work.
Since we hadn’t worked on walk/canter transitions in a while, the left lead canter transition was sticky (sometimes downright crappy). After a few practice rounds, things went pretty smoothly. I like this movement, so it will be fun to work on. The quick transitions make it impossible for Micah to run off at the canter and they balance him up nicely.
Chills! The hardest part of the test, in my mind (other than freaking out with show nerves) is the counter canter. I’m still in the ‘hopeful’ stage of counter canter — hoping I can maintain it. Micah senses my lack of confidence and drops back to a trot, so I have to fake my confidence for now. After some trial and error we got a good start on that movement — which ends with a walk transition. That’s the really hard part! This is kind of a sneaky test.
We’ll be practicing the walk/canter/walk transitions a lot in upcoming weeks! I’m pretty excited. It’s challenging,fun, and rewarding. Thank goodness I read the test!
Just so you know, I love being over-prepared since show nerves turn my brain to mush. Since our show season doesn’t begin until early May, thanks to our wacky weather, I should have ample time to get this right.
Next time you can’t sleep, read a dressage test. I guarantee you’ll drift off to dreamland with visions of horses in your head. And, may your own transitions be smooth and timely!