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Horses Don’t Lie: Back on Track’s Saddle Pad

I never thought I’d have a favorite saddle pad. Compared to all of the other equine equipment I use, saddle pads seem almost trivial. Yet, I am happy to report that I’ve found a pad that lives up to its promise of being a ‘therapeutic saddle pad.’
In fact, when I tried this pad, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a ‘therapeutic saddle pad.’

When I tried the Back on Track pad, I didn't know there was such a thing as a 'therapeutic saddle pad'

When I tried the Back on Track pad, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a ‘therapeutic saddle pad’

Here’s what happened. I was looking for a larger pad to cover more of Micah’s generously-sized back. My friend, Maggie, had a new Back on Track dressage pad and suggested I try hers. It was a nice size and had a hefty feel to it, so I took her up on the offer and used it in my next ride.
Micah warmed up really nicely. He was 19 at the time, it was a cold winter day, and that would normally mean we’d need a little extra time for his back to loosen up and get some ‘swing.’
That morning, we had one of our best rides ever. “These lessons are really starting to pay off,” I thought.
Blissfully unaware, I looked up the Back on Track saddle pad online when I got home. Up popped the terms ‘therapeutic saddle pad.’ What??
I was pretty excited that I’d done a completely blind (perhaps ignorant is a more accurate term) ‘testing’ of the pad. I rode with it having no preconceived notions of what it was supposed to do. Micah had shown a clear improvement with the pad. That’s when I became a fan of Back on Track (BOT).
You can read more about how the pad works on their website: www.backontrackproducts.com. To my understanding, ceramic microfibers reflect the body’s heat back, helping to reduce inflammation and soreness. I’m still not positive what that means, but I’m a results person and I liked what happened when I used the pad.
I decided to look into BOT further and did an article about their products for Flying Changes magazine, which was published in April of 2015. As part of that, I polled friends and used Facebook to get as much feedback as possible. There are product recommendations from big-name riders on the website but I wanted to hear from real people who weren’t benefitting in any way from endorsing the products.
I got a huge response back from people, all overwhelmingly enthusiastic about BOT’s equine products (blankets, boots, and wraps), as well as the human products (back braces, neck wraps, gloves, socks, and more).
I ordered the saddle pad for my horse and a back brace for myself. I use both regularly. After a full year of wear (at least 3 rides per week), the pad is starting to show a little wear from my legs. Other than that, it’s held up beautifully.
Especially for older horses, or ones who tend to start off stiff, I highly recommend this pad. Ask around, look online, and see what kind of feedback you get. I think you’ll be pleased. As we all know, horses don’t lie. Let me know what you think!